Stitch Witchery

For the past three years three former co-workers/current partners-in-crime and I have been meeting once a week to knit. We’re all under 35 years old for those of you who jump to conclusions.

Now that our darling, sweet Jenna is back in town we have started our 2012 – 2013 campaign. We started off by switching coffee shops (By the by, we meet in coffee shops.) each week, but we have settled back into one of our favorite spots: Babb’s Coffee House on Main Ave and Broadway. Also, a shout out to the barista tonight. Super-personable and remade my drink when the white chocolate mocha powder didn’t mix in. I recommend the iced coffee with cookie dough syrup and half-n-half. Tastes like cookies-n-cream.

Anyway, if you see us there on Thursday nights, ask for our autographs.

Editor’s Note: If I ever post a picture that looks like it was taken in a bowl of chicken noodle soup, my phone is a piece of junk. I will try and use my camera as much as possible, but it’s film so the turn around time is slow.

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