This is little guy has no home . . .

Okay. Here’s the backstory:

I was going to post about the Fargo Beer Festival that took place today. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the actual event, so I was going to go to a liquor store, pull a PBR out of the cooler, snap a pic, and put it back. That didn’t happen either.

Plan B was to stop at any establishments between my apartment and the grocery store (approximately 2 miles) and take a picture of a beer sign. I wasn’t that emotionally invested to fight the Saturday night bar crowds just so I could order one beer for a blog picture. Anyway, one of the stops had a Redbox outside of a CVS/liquor store, so I went over to see if Prometheus was on video yet. It’s not.

But, what could save the night from being a total wash? A random belt sitting next to a Redbox at 11:30pm on a Saturday night!! I didn’t see a price tag on it, so I’m assuming it didn’t fall out of a shopping bag. Plus, this particular Redbox is outside a pharmacy/liquor store. Not really a belt buying hot spot.

If you are this belt’s owner, this is the one time I actually wish somebody was a skinny-jeans-hipster.

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