Twice now people have randomly given various members of Knit Club gift cards for Babb’s Coffee House, which is super-awesome since Babb’s is Knit Club HQ.

While waiting in line last week a random lady asked Jenna to purchase her a muffin and handed Jenna a gift card to use. The rando (Ninja speak for “random”) lady had to get downstairs for a class and couldn’t wait any longer. Then the rando lady told Jenna to buy herself something pretty while she was at it. Jenna bought the muffin and a tea for herself. When she brought the muffin downstairs the good Samaritan told Jenna to keep the card as a sort of handling fee.

Flash forward to this week. The same troupe of basement students came upstairs after their class. A completely different rando lady gave Jenna, Rachel, and me (We missed you, Steph!) her card because she knew she wasn’t going to use it. The gift card will be used next week to defray the cost of our drinks.

The moral(s) of the story:
-Free gift cards will cause a rift between Jenna and me.
-There are still good people in the world.
-If you’re ever at Babb’s and you see us knitting, you should give us free stuff.

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